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The F(EU)TURE FESTIVAL took place from 1 to 16 of March 2019. Together with CLB Berlin, the European Democracy Lab turned Moritzplatz into a place breathing the European spirit as it is aptly called on the festival’s website. Together with activists, researchers, artists, intellectuals and a large number of visitors from all sectors of society, […]

The European Parliament: An Analysis from the Perspective of Chantal Mouffe’s Agonistic Pluralism

The European Union is often called an undemocratic (and bureaucratic) monster, left-wing debates in particular are dominated by narratives like this. But how could a leftist approach to the EU look like? Against the background of these questions I propose an analysis of the European Parliament in terms of Chantal Mouffe’s theory of Agonistic Pluralism, […]

Kampf der Ideologien?

Am 4.5.2017 erschien Ulrike Guérots Essay „Die neuen Bürgerkriege“, eine Streitschrift für eine neue Gestaltung von Europa, unser Autor hat das Buch als einer der Ersten gelesen. von Simon Clemens

Clash of Ideology?

German political scientist Ulrike Guérot published her new essay “Der neue Bürgerkrieg“(the new civil war) on 4th of May 2017. Our columnist has read it. von Simon Clemens