About EZG

European Zeitgeist is a student run online magazine for young and research-interested minds all over Europe. We are covering current events as well as long-lasting debates within the European public, embracing politics, economics, philosophy, sociology and literature. Our work is led by the vision of a social, united, and peaceful European project. In our view, Europe is not limited to the institutions of the European Union, but literally encompasses the whole continent and all its inhabitants, regardless of nationality, socio-economic status, religion or any other differences.

Thus, we dedicate our section „Essays on the Future of Europe“ to the ongoing evolution of the European idea and its manifestation in society, politics, economics and literature, including longer analysis and book recensions. Since the EU’s border does not represent Europe’s border, we widen our view in our section „What’s Beyond“ and deal with recent political developments and general trends in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, we report irregularly on events from various fields, that we believe may be of importance to a wider audience. In the general area of the website we collect articles from the different areas mentioned above, discussing new developments in research, politics, and culture. European Zeitgeist is conceptualized as an open platform, appreciating every contribution. We want to facilitate a fertile exchange of ideas and bring together young Europeans to discuss their common future. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Contact: european.zeitgeist@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuroZeitgeist

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